Welcome to my studio.

My name is Ingun Redalen White and I am a Norwegian graphic designer, art director, illustrator and artist based in Stockholm with over 15 years of experience in visual communication.

I have a passion for all aspects of art and design, typography, architecture, fashion and performing arts. My love for design stems from my passion to create while solving problems. I have a innate ability to receive information from customers and artists and interpret it, whilst keeping within the communication guidelines of the institution and finite budgets.

Having worked both at design agencies and as an in-house designer, I understand the importance of knowing a brand from the inside and what it means to protect and continuously develop a visual identity. From this perspective it is also possible to observe the impact of that visual identity on the cultural landscape as well as on consumer behaviour and perceptions of the company or institution.

After many years as a graphic designer and illustrator I have a very colourful portfolio, including my time working in agencies in Norway and Belgium. People say as a designer you have to be able to visually communicate everything from waterbeds to dog food - and I have! Photoshoots might even include a 3 meter long albino tiger python called tigger (no, not kidding). As a designer one needs to be able to communicate the essence of a subject, whether that is cyberwar, neuropsychology or football. 

For me, the opportunity to represent a client through my work is a true honour.